Stephanie Fowers
Hilary Hornberger
a new musical 
The Raven 
                              A love story beyond death

  From the dark musings of Edgar Allan Poe, comes a new 
       musical. The Raven takes us to the world before the poem and
       ends with the tragic scene penned by Poe's own hand. Despite its
       tragic circumstances, The Raven is fundamentally a love story
       about a man who will do anything to stop Death from taking the
       woman he loves.

       Set in 1825 London, nothing is certain, not even death. Only one is
      prophesied to end the curse; and Edgar, hiding a terrible secret and
      forced to work for Death, must fight for the life of the one he loves.
      From the poor wastelands of the Rookeries to the opulent halls of
      the rich, neither world is fully aware the other exists, until Death
      comes to call.

       When Death asks for Lenore, Edgar enlists the help of 'Raine' a
        dark haired beauty from the streets, who doesn't know the power
        she holds over Death. Edgar's plan gets complicated when loyalties
        begin to blur at the edges and he starts to fall for this girl. Now he
        must choose between saving Lenore or the only woman he can
        touch without killing. When the final bells toll, he will sacrifice
        everything to fight Death.

        From a cast of unforgettable characters and a dynamic score of
        extraordinary songs comes a tale of danger and passion, where
        death and life collide and true love stands between destiny and life

Exciting News!
The Raven will be workshopped in Calgary, Canada in March and April, 2013.

"Death will bring Life to Death, Life will bring Death to Life...NEVARMORE!"