Stephanie Fowers
                       About Me:

I'm from a family of ten kids and I tie for middle, but I don't have middle kid syndrome because we're basically ALL show-offs. To be perfectly honest, being the middle kid is awesome because I can be best friends with the oldest siblings and the youngest. There never is a dull moment. Life for me is a Little Women and Little Rascals blend.

I've always had stories in my head. As soon as I learned to write, my pen took over the paper. When I read my stories out loud in second grade, my goal was to get my teacher to laugh so hard she'd fall off her chair. And it worked

I soon moved on to more mischievous times, and got my associates at BYU Idaho in English and (besides the below freezing temperatures), I loved the small town atmosphere complete with garage bands and pizza joints. Then I served an LDS mission in the Philippines. The people there have an intense past and culture that I want to write about someday. Their war heroes (and heroines) are amazing, and their people are so full of life.

After I got my bachelors at BYU (Provo) in English and communications, I almost went into advertising (I won enough Burger King crowns in my advertising class to encourage me)...but I decided to take the starving artist route instead.  And now, here I am!

My novel, "Rules of Engagement" has done really well for a first time novel. It's about the woes of dating from a girl's perspective.  My next published book, "Meet Your Match" is also from a girl's perspective...except this time, she happens to be the menace in the dating scene. I think...I wrote from experience. However, contrary to popular belief, I want to reiterate that these books do not make me an expert on dating--obviously. I'd say it makes me more an expert on the mishaps of dating.

"Prank Wars" is my latest novel and is available on paperback (on amazon) and on e-book (I'm also working on getting it into stores). Basically, I'm trying out the American Dream and going into business for myself with this book. I'm very excited about "Prank Wars;" it's about a girl in the middle of a prank war who gets embroiled in a dangerous plot--she just doesn't know it (kind of a "Knight and Day"). It has my romantic comedy feel with mystery and adventure thrown in...and of course, love.

So why do I write chic lit? Good question! Strangely enough, my first love is writing YA fantasy, but I just can't get away from writing romantic comedies; it's a great way to be completely myself and reach out to others in my same situation in life. And I have many more ideas for romantic comedies in the works, so watch out for them--especially on Amazon!

And lately, I've been writing two YA Fantasy trilogies, "H.A.W.K.E Prophecies" and "With a Kiss." The former is more dramatic than the latter, but I'm extremely excited for both of them.

I've also been trying my hand at writing screenplays and musicals. I won first place for "Dandelions" in the Utah Women in Film short screenplay writing contest, which they will produce in the Spring 2012. And I'm also working on the book for the musical "The Raven" with the talented composer, Hilary Hornberger. We plan to do a staged reading in May 2012 in Salt Lake City.

Besides my love for writing, I occasionally twist the arms off my friends and family to be in my short movies. If you want to witness some of these crazy antics, try googling my name on youtube. You might come up with a zombie western or a soon-to-be"Apocalyptic Musical."My brother is an amazing director, my sister has vision, my friends have the energy...I like to write, so we're working on making our own production company. Watch out for us. We've come a long way from performing on our parent's fireplace.

All in all, I would say my writing is the way I reach out to people. The world is magical and I want to share that with others. I want to invite others to experience what I feel. And failing that?--Well, if I get the world to laugh so hard they fall off their chairs, that won't be so bad either.

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